Thursday, December 20, 2007


I just left the Coorg Region of India where I spent the last few days getting intimate with the peppercorn. I had no idea it was a climbing vine that wraps around the bottom half a tree making it look like the trunk is wearing a skirt. I was two months too early for their harvest but I did eat them underipe straight off the vine, and they deliver a punch. When I get back I will publish my "Never Will Make Again Fresh Pepper Chutney" just for the fun of it. Though the coffee was just about ripe for the picking a raw, ripe coffee bean is sweet and delicious...someone has to market Java Juice...Starbucks are you reading this? I am a bit overwhelmed right now for I eat fresh cardamon and got acquainted with my first vanilla orchid. Not to mention the cobra we almost ran over.

Hope everyone gts their holiday gifts as well.....

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