Friday, December 28, 2007


My Christams Holiday on the Indian Ocean in a seaside Hamlet called Varkala has come to a close. I await the overnight train to Trichy where there is a supposedly wonderful Ganesh Temple (the elephant headed Hindu god) I just have to see, plus the food is spoken of very highly there. I must confess to the past few days of being subjected to westernized Indian as I bronzed myslef on the beach and doing very leittle else. The price I have to buy to avoid the northeasters of winter.

I did get a good pineapple and cashew biriyani recipe fom a local chef that I will rewrite and share at a future date. This meandering journey through the southern portion of India is coming to a quick close. Pondicherry, the French colonial town lays ahead from me, and then alas, so does an airplane's seat.

Enjoy the New Year.....

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