Saturday, December 22, 2007


Have been in Fort Kochi on the Maalabar Coast for a mere two days, and it has revealed a wealth of gifts to me. For one, it is a quiet, dust free corner of this country, albiet rife with mosquitos, that immediately was a welcome respite from the craziness of the bigger cities. But truly this morning's breakfast meeting with a local cook put me where I wanted. Over a stove with a batter for dosas -- those paper thin pancakes I love so much. I got the formula for the concoction as well the procedure for making the batter. I just have to figure out what we call a certain lentil that goes along with rice and i am in. It is a full day process between the soaking, grinding and then fermenting. By alas, I got it. Though I will admitt to needing some practice and making the perfect pancake still eludes me. I got a library of information from her and cannot wait to get back and source out the products locally and cook up some memories. Clearly, once I do I will post the recipes.

For now, dinner with some other travellers await cooked by some unknown kitchen person beckons.

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