Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just a few more weeks, please

I put in the ground more than 200 hundred days ago, and now we sit on the dusk of the first frost. I need more time.

This was my third year trying to get a chayote plant to establish itself. The first squash tried composted into the earth where it was nestled, and was a nutrient base for weeds. The next year, the chayote just never sprouted, it simply shriveled up and molded. Finally, this year I got the fruit to sprout, and grow an exploratory stem 150 days before the average frost for this area, which it needs in order to set its fruit and ripen. I was so hopeful.
to about 7-inches in a dark, dry cupboard and got it into the earth with more then

My dreams were very quickly dashed when either a rabbit or deer decided to nibble away the leaves on
the young vine one night. I was crushed but I could not bring myself to tear the plant up. And, I am glad I decided to let the plant remain because within a few weeks a whole new set of leaves had taken hold and new vines sprung from the ground grabbing onto the fence posted. Unfortunately, this restart was a harvesting setback. Okay, I can now say I have grown a chayote squash check that for the bucket list. That midnight nosh might have stolen the time for the chayote needed to set its fruit, but it has not taken my desire to one day pluck this cousin of the pumpkin out of the garden. Perhaps, fourth time really is the charm.

Chayote with Tomato - serve 4

1 medium tomato - charred
1-pound chayote squash
1 garlic clove - roughly chopped
2-tablespoons canola oil
1 small white onion - finely diced
2 Chilies de Arbol
¾-cup Water
Salt to taste
¼-cup cilantro - leaves only, roughly chopped

Place the tomato on a very hot cast iron skillet, and allow it char lightly.

Cut the chayote and into julienne, about ¼ inch thick. 

In the blender place the tomato (unpeeled), and garlic processing until smooth.  Hold to the side.

Heat a sauté pan over a medium high heat and add the oil, onion and chilies cooking for a about five minutes until the onions are translucent.  Add in the tomato puree, and cook to evaporate out the excess water.  Add in the chayote squash, water, salt, and cook covered for about 10 minutes over a medium heat.  Mix in the cilantro leaves and serve.


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