Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Think I need help!

 Where have you been all my life? I use to define dirt as the collective soot, dust and urban debris that would collect on my windowsills and moldings. Now, it has become this concoction of earth, aged manure and compost being haul from here and there to fill in freshly turned spots. I am rabid about gardening – I cannot stop myself. And, as we sit in that desperate period of transition before much can be borne from the ground, and the first asparagus and ramps, I find myself grabbing a shovel and digging. A new spot here, it is the future home to cumin. And, new spot over there; expanding into ornamental cuttings with foxglove, larkspur and Gerber daisies. I don’t have much in the way of weeds to pull or plants to nurture so a five-tiered cutting garden has taken form. Unfortunately, the nasturtiums will burn out too quickly in this newly excavated plot – but in my minds eye I see them cascading down a level or two. I do fear that by April I will have completely uprooted the entire yard, and transformed it into a wild English-style garden that has long been the fancy of my imagination.

 I think I will hunt down organic deep red roses, snap dragons, peonies and scented geraniums as they all can be considered culinary as well as decorative. I am trying not to completely lose my focus and want to bring most of what is grown into the kitchen – though there is an on-going discussion about the merits of just pretty in the house. Tinctures, seasoned salts and sugars, libations and vinegars will all benefit from this expanded program not to forget the salads and iced beverages that will brighten the summer table. I just hope I recognize the moment to stop.

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