Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Back into it after the indulgence of the holiday season where I enjoyed time off with my love, and other family members and myriad of citrus fruits that that state offers during this time of year. It seems I got out of south Florida just prior to the first frost of the year (ok, we are only 3 days into it). From Rio Red grapefruits, Honey Bell oranges, and Key limes all came home with me. I have also benefitted, up until last night, to a garden that was still putting forth edibles. I even had some asparagus spears precociously perceiving the ground well before I even considered the winter blues.
 Though with a temperature dropping into the 20’s last night I fear it would put the kibosh to my ability to augment my evening meals with the remaining vegetables in my yard not to mention sending those iconic vernal tips back under ground. Before the sun set on my plot, I covered as much as I could with a heavy canvas tarp looking to protect my arugula, kale and cauliflower, and even wrapped my Romanesque broccoli with individual garbage bags – though they were not extra tough - and a bed sheet. Now, as the new day’s sun slowly ascends, and warms the evening burden I am hoping my lovelies will bounce back – they definitely stiffened with the artic blast but I saw no signs of ice crystals, so fingers crossed. I also hope that so early in the citrus season that this quick flash-freeze does not harm the nascent crop. Otherwise, the party-flavors I brought home may be what I can expect. Hopefully, you have, like I have squirreled away the height of summer in form of pestos, pickles, frozen vegetables and have an array of spices to play with even if winter puts the brakes on the variety of items available in your own backyard. 

Citrus Salad – serves 4 to 6
1-red grapefruit – peeled
2-oranges (such as Honey Bell, Tangelo) -peeled
1-star fruit
1-kiwi – peeled
2-teaspoons fresh thyme leaves roughly chopped
Pinch of salt

Quarter the grapefruit and oranges and discard any seeds. Then cut each quarter into 4th’s.

Thinly slice the star fruit and chop the kiwi. In a bowl toss all ingredients together, and serve over arugula leaves.

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