Friday, July 8, 2011

OOOppps....Dang it!

So, I took the plunge and snipped the watermelon that has been tormenting for the past three weeks free. I weighed it on the bathroom scale and it came in at exactly 5-pounds even. Sounds good so far – then I cut it open and it was white. Not yellow, orange or red! There was a suspicion of blush around a seed pocket. Thinking maybe it was an albino mutation I was sure I planted a crimson meat sugar baby variety – the size, shape and weight confirmed my expectations for the variety. Then with a bite it clear I jumped the gun it was not sweet. It was under-ripe. I need to find out how judge the ripeness of the fruit for we have others in various states of development. I thought I know how to determine a watermelon’s readiness but clearly I don’t.

It was hollow to the knock, had a good heft and a well formed spot for where it sat on the ground. I am now so curious to find out how long I need to let these thirst-quencher sit and wait.

Life is about making lemonade so all for me was not lost. The watermelon was not inedible just disappointing. I could not waste this long awaited harvest I pureed the prematurely gift from the garden along with lemon cucumbers, basil and lemon verbena. A bit of limejuice and a hint of sugar and we sipped on a rather refreshing afternoon tonic – and one I hope never to make again. I much would prefer to have engaged in a seed-spitting contest.

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