Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Heading back to NYC for a week and I just had to head out at first light this morning and say good-bye. Some last minute weeding, a pruning of yellowed, energy zapping leaves and then, a quick scan for larvae. Damn, I should have left a diagram highlighting, which plants were prone to having eggs deposited upon them. Got to pull myself together. Just take it all in knowing all will be perfect. I have appointments and work to attend to that cannot be performed remotely, so adieu until the week has passed.

Now, I have left explicit instructions on what to do, which herbs were starting to flower where there will be vegetables within days of eating. As well as, how I’ve been sprinkling the morning coffee grinds and tea dregs over the garden, and which spot was to be next to receive this daily dusting of fertilizer. Do not forget to turn to compost pile at least once while I am gone, heck don’t forget to compost. I also left a plea to hand water once or twice for the oscillating sprinkler head is convenient it does not do the job I need done – the two chili pepper plants in the far corner are a be stunted and I fear not getting their share of water.

Phew, it is exhausting both physically and psychologically to grow things…I cannot imagine if I had children how I would ever let them out of my sight. I’d hate to miss anything not to mention my obvious enjoyment I get for controlling as much as I can. Really it is the commitment made and the desire to see a fruitful, bountiful outcome. The truth of the matter I am anxious to hit the farmer’s market and compare notes with some of my favorite vendors, perhaps, I hope, get some tips for my lagging lavender

and recalcitrant chamomile. Not to mention, indulge in the fruits of someone else’s labor. Maintaining a garden, farm or windowsill with life sustaining life is journey fought with anxiety, love and promise – I have an even greater appreciation for those who venture out onto their land tending plots that is not for a household but a village. This gardening dilettante bows to their energy, knowledge and survival forever grateful that they are out there to catch me when I fall.

Cucumber Salad – yields 4 servings
1/2-pound cucumber
1/4-cup lemon balm leaves – roughly chopped
2-tablespoons lemon thyme leaves – roughly chopped
2-tablespoons sorrel leaves – roughly chopped
3-tablespoons rice vinegar
2-tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Slice the cucumber into 1/8-inch thin rounds. Toss all ingredients together, and allow it to sit for an hour or so before serving.

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