Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Old friend

There are times when you expect an old friend to pop back up in your life. Then there are those un-anticipated moments when a knock on the door reveals a face you have not seen in a long time returning from out of the blue. Irrespective, if that rap uncovers the anticipated or not, both deliver a rush of excitement.

A sense of history makes these rendezvous all the richer, and gives a framework from which to re-start a conversation. Of course, the key to a successful re-connection is moving the relationship forward, and integrating from the past into the present and hopefully, the future. Feasting on the past satisfies for a period, but ends up becoming stale all to quickly. All that came before while vital to working to create a complex life tapestry is but just a line on a panel that hopefully never gets completely finished.

I have been surprised in the last week from both sides of the coin. An old beau reached to rekindle a flame that petered out years ago – and I think I might actually offer a lighter to help that fire build. And, then, my favorite, dearest aunt arrived plump, and rosy. Aunt Ruby is hands-down my most desired tomato of any season. She is a green-skinned big, meaty girl that when ripe has a beautifully blushing bottom. Simplicity is key here sliced and drizzled with a bit of fruity olive and I am enraptured by her return.

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betsy said...

Hi Richard,
Thank you again for such an inspiring time last month.
Will you please Post your 1234 cake recipe?
Los Angeles