Monday, June 21, 2010

Ahh, the breaking light

A new day’s light has just barely broke on the eastern horizon, and my body stirs. I sleep in a bedroom that has a southern facing window that obscures any light by the brownstone on the other side of the courtyard so, why am waking with the first light? Am I that keyed into this solstice that like a morning glory the first rays of another day causes my mine to stir and arms to stretch out? My sleep pattern is completely in sync with the turning of the seasons because I know, come winter, I could sleep the slumber of a hibernating bear. But today, I will live within the full glory of twelve hours of penetrating light ready to retire with the retreating solar emissions.

I view this as the reason I could fulfill a long held fancy to farm – and farm fields of edible flowers and herbs. Walking through acres of fragrant blooms and leaves requiring the summer tilt of the earth to activate the potential growing within. I would welcome every bee in the neighborhood to buzz on by, and enjoy themselves with the hopes that I will be able drizzle some of their product over autumn’s apples.

For the next few months I will be the early bird knowing this the time to enjoy the benefits of the summer months, while keeping a knowing eye on one’s needs as the earth’s axis wobbles onto another angle.

Minted Lavender Iced Tea - yields approx. 2-quarts
2-ounces lavender (of stem and some flower)
8 to 10 stems mint
2-cups unsweetened guava juice

Bring 4-cups water to the boil. Add the mint and lavender and remove from the heat. Let the herbs steep until the water has gotten cold. Strain the water through a fine sieve, into a large container. Add another 2 cups of cold water and the guava ice. Chill before serving over ice.

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