Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Spring is for Lovers....

...garlic lovers that is.

Can one really trust someone who does not like garlic? Could it be possible to a build a relationship that avoids this most odorous additional to a dish? Particularly now, before it bulbs and gets even more fragrant the first of season’s crop is showing up. This is the time when the entire plant is edible. Its roots should be trimmed, washed well and dried to be used later as a gentle seasoning agent; the tender green blades can replace scallions, chives in any formulation, and its white, svelte bottom whispers the scent that is garlic.

In the coming weeks as the garlic continues on its path to maturity it will send out a “scape”in reality its flower bud that is fantastic chopped and sautéed, and then once it blooms its flower should be tossed into salads for a kick. But wait, there can still be seeds that are also edible and should be shared with the earth, for the future, as well as a stash for your spice cupboard. And, finally, the we will end up with the bulb and come late August into September I will collect up these matured clusters and store them in a cool, dry place to get me as far into winter as possible.

For you see, I could not sustain a relationship without it.

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